Who are you?

Robyn and Kat, or Kat and Robyn if you prefer. We're like the commutative property. Isn't that magically fantastic? Check out our biographies (Kat, Robyn) if you have time to kill.

Are you braindead?

Last time we checked...yes.

What's nougart?

A cross between nougat and yogurt. We don't know why no one has made this yet. IT WOULD BE SO YUMMY! Maybe. Actually, nougart is just a bastardization of the word nougat. If any other website has the word "nougart" on it, it's probably a mispelling. We mispell on purpose, so it's okay.

How do I contact you?

robyn: AIM: roboppy, e-mail: roboppy at gmail dot com, homepage:
kat: e-mail: mentallyunhinged at hotmail dot com

Why haven't you answered my e-mail/comment?

Sorry. We must have died.

Have you ever thought about seeing a psychiatrist?

We already have one. His name is Bobetta. Bobetta says we have problems. :)

Why am I here?

We don't know. And stop licking the monitor.


We know what you're doing. Stop it.

But I'm not licking the-

Give it up. Just admit you're a weirdo.

Can I use your art/comics/whatever the hell they are?

For non-profit stuff, sure, as long as you cite us or link back to this site. For profit stuff, stick your head in a blender and then ask us.

We also have this thing:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. No, really, ask us something and we'll try to come up with an accurant and/or funny and/or inaccurate response.

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